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Font name: Stinger
Categories Basic, Sans serif
Author: Zetafonts
License: Free for personal use
Files: 52
Updated: 9/16/2020 6:25:52 PM
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Since their first appearance as italians on the pages of the 1821 William Caslon type specimens, reverse contrast typefaces have been typography's best loved quirky outcasts. Subverting the traditional relationship between thick verticals and thin horizontals made them perfect for eye-catching advertisements. The unexpected contrasts and the thick slabs produced by reverse-contrast serifs became ubiquitous in period posters, and synonymous with wild west and circus iconography.

In designing Stinger, the Zetafonts design team composed by Maria Chiara Fantini, Andrea Tartarelli and Francesco Canovaro and orchestrated by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini decided to marry this subversive tradition with the workhorse approach of modernist sans serif typefaces like Univers, developing a super-family with four widths, each in five different weights, from thin to heavy. This gives the designer a full range of options for type setting, with the Normal and Fit widths providing two different text-sized alternatives, the wide width adding display and titling options and the Slim ready to deal with the space-saving necessities of extremely long texts. True italics have been added developed for all weights and variants, bringing the Stinger family to a total of 40 fonts, with a latin extended + russian cyrillic character set covering over 200 languages, and open type features including positional numbers, stylistic sets and alternate forms.    More...
Stinger Font

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# File name File size
1 Stinger Family (CC BY-NC)License.pdf 219KB
2 stinger.png 88.7KB
3 StingerFitTrial-Bold.ttf 237.4KB
4 StingerFitTrial-BoldItalic.ttf 205.4KB
5 StingerFitTrial-Heavy.ttf 247.7KB
6 StingerFitTrial-HeavyItalic.ttf 213.8KB
7 StingerFitTrial-Italic.ttf 200.3KB
8 StingerFitTrial-Light.ttf 218.7KB
9 StingerFitTrial-LightItalic.ttf 188.4KB
10 StingerFitTrial-Regular.ttf 230.2KB
11 StingerFitTrial-Thin.ttf 188.4KB
12 StingerFitTrial-ThinItalic.ttf 159.5KB
13 StingerSlimTrial-Bold.ttf 220.2KB
14 StingerSlimTrial-BoldItalic.ttf 188.9KB
15 StingerSlimTrial-Heavy.ttf 234.4KB
16 StingerSlimTrial-HeavyItalic.ttf 202.7KB
17 StingerSlimTrial-Italic.ttf 190.2KB
18 StingerSlimTrial-Light.ttf 202.5KB
19 StingerSlimTrial-LightItalic.ttf 174.2KB
20 StingerSlimTrial-Regular.ttf 220.8KB
21 StingerSlimTrial-Thin.ttf 175.8KB
22 StingerSlimTrial-ThinItalic.ttf 148.8KB
23 StingerTrial-Bold.ttf 237.2KB
24 StingerTrial-BoldItalic.ttf 204.6KB
25 StingerTrial-Heavy.ttf 242.2KB
26 StingerTrial-HeavyItalic.ttf 210.4KB
27 StingerTrial-Italic.ttf 190.8KB
28 StingerTrial-Light.ttf 201.8KB
29 StingerTrial-LightItalic.ttf 169.7KB
30 StingerTrial-Regular.ttf 222.6KB
31 StingerTrial-Thin.ttf 175KB
32 StingerTrial-ThinItalic.ttf 147.1KB
33 StingerWideTrial-Bold.ttf 236.9KB
34 StingerWideTrial-BoldItalic.ttf 207.1KB
35 StingerWideTrial-Heavy.ttf 246.9KB
36 StingerWideTrial-HeavyItalic.ttf 213.9KB
37 StingerWideTrial-Italic.ttf 185.2KB
38 StingerWideTrial-Light.ttf 214.2KB
39 StingerWideTrial-LightItalic.ttf 183.5KB
40 StingerWideTrial-Regular.ttf 215.1KB
41 StingerWideTrial-Thin.ttf 187.3KB
42 StingerWideTrial-ThinItalic.ttf 158.4KB
43 Stinger_by_Zetafonts.png 203.7KB
44 Stinger_by_Zetafonts_1.png 203.7KB
45 Stinger_by_Zetafonts_2.png 61.3KB
46 Stinger_by_Zetafonts_3.png 42KB
47 Stinger_by_Zetafonts_4.png 487.5KB
48 Stinger_by_Zetafonts_5.png 1.1MB
49 Stinger_by_Zetafonts_6.png 622.9KB
50 Stinger_by_Zetafonts_7.png 580.8KB
51 Stinger_by_Zetafonts_8.png 376.5KB
52 Stinger_by_Zetafonts_9.png 514.3KB