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Preview and download Monogram Panhellenica Font. Created by Kelvin Ma in Fancy Initials styles with Free for personal use license.

Font name: Monogram Panhellenica
Categories Fancy, Initials
Author: Kelvin Ma
License: Free for personal use
Files: 7
Updated: 9/19/2023 4:43:07 AM
Note by Kelvin Ma
Monogram Panhellenica is a circle monogram generator font with full Greek alphabet support!

Left- and right-circle forms are accessible through the OpenType 'liga' font feature
of the main font 'monogram-panhellenica.ttf'.

The main font 'monogram-panhellenica.ttf' contains *all* of the glyphs needed to typeset
a circle monogram. The fallback fonts 'monogram-panhellenica-fallback-left.ttf'
and 'monogram-panhellenica-fallback-right.ttf' should only be used if your creative
software does not support OpenType font features.

To create a left-circle form, type a left parenthesis '(', followed by a capital letter.
To create a right-circle form, type a capital letter, followed by a right parenthesis ')'.



will create a circle monogram with 'A' on the left, 'B' in the middle, and 'C' on the right.

National flag icons can be used as the center glyph to render two-letter monograms.

American flag: Dollar sign '$'
Canadian flag: Percent sign '%'
Pan-African flag: Number sign '#'



will create a circle monogram with the Greek letter 'Χ' on the left, an American
flag in the middle, and the Greek letter 'Ω' on the right.

If left- or right-circle forms are not appearing, make sure that OpenType font features
are enabled in your creative software.

Monogram Panhellenica is free for personal use. For commercial or political use, please see licensing options available at:
Monogram Panhellenica Font

Tags: Monogram Panhellenica, Kelvin Ma, Free for personal use, Fancy, Initials

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