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Preview and download Megabold Font. Created by Justin Penner in Basic Sans serif styles with Demo license.

Font name: Megabold
Categories Basic, Sans serif
Author: Justin Penner
License: Demo
Files: 19
Updated: 12/15/2021 10:41:18 AM
Note by Justin Penner
Megabold: #1 World�s Heaviest Typeface

Megabold speaks louder, like a typeface megaphone. Choose your own emphasis with 16 left & right slanted styles, so you can say it exactly how you want to say it.

Words can speak louder than words. Be bolder.


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- Latin alphabet [A�Z, a�z]
- Numerals [0�9]



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Tags: Megabold, Justin Penner, Demo, Basic, Sans serif

# File name File size
1 megabold-1.0-left-10-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
2 megabold-1.0-left-12-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
3 megabold-1.0-left-14-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
4 megabold-1.0-left-16-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
5 megabold-1.0-left-2-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
6 megabold-1.0-left-4-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
7 megabold-1.0-left-6-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
8 megabold-1.0-left-8-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
9 megabold-1.0-right-10-TRIAL.otf 7KB
10 megabold-1.0-right-12-TRIAL.otf 7KB
11 megabold-1.0-right-14-TRIAL.otf 7KB
12 megabold-1.0-right-16-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
13 megabold-1.0-right-2-TRIAL.otf 6.9KB
14 megabold-1.0-right-4-TRIAL.otf 7KB
15 megabold-1.0-right-6-TRIAL.otf 7KB
16 megabold-1.0-right-8-TRIAL.otf 7KB
17 megabold-1.0-upright-TRIAL.otf 6.3KB
18 megabold-1.0-variable-TRIAL.ttf 12.1KB
19 Trial-Font-License-Agreement.pdf 128.6KB