Free download LT Afficher Neue Font

Preview and download LT Afficher Neue Font. Created by LyonsType in Basic Serif styles with 100% Free license.

Font name: LT Afficher Neue
Categories Basic, Serif
Author: LyonsType
License: 100% Free
Files: 20
Updated: 1/23/2024 1:51:20 PM
Note by LyonsType
LT Afficher Neue, part of The Neue Pack by LyonsType.

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Tags: LT Afficher Neue, LyonsType, 100% Free, Basic, Serif, Accents, Euro

# File name File size
1 LTAfficherNeue-BoldCaption.otf 46KB
2 LTAfficherNeue-BoldDisplay.otf 46.7KB
3 LTAfficherNeue-BoldSubhead.otf 47.5KB
4 LTAfficherNeue-BoldSubhead.ttf 105.6KB
5 LTAfficherNeue-BoldText.otf 48.1KB
6 LTAfficherNeue-Caption.otf 42.1KB
7 LTAfficherNeue-Display.otf 47.3KB
8 LTAfficherNeue-MediumCaption.otf 47.1KB
9 LTAfficherNeue-MediumDisplay.otf 49KB
10 LTAfficherNeue-MediumSubhead.otf 48.3KB
11 LTAfficherNeue-MediumSubhead.ttf 106.1KB
12 LTAfficherNeue-MediumText.otf 49KB
13 LTAfficherNeue-SemBdCaption.otf 47.6KB
14 LTAfficherNeue-SemBdDisplay.otf 49KB
15 LTAfficherNeue-SemBdSubhead.otf 49.2KB
16 LTAfficherNeue-SemBdSubhead.ttf 106.9KB
17 LTAfficherNeue-SemiBoldText.otf 48.9KB
18 LTAfficherNeue-Subhead.otf 47.4KB
19 LTAfficherNeue-Subhead.ttf 105.6KB
20 LTAfficherNeue-Text.otf 47.4KB