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Preview and download KHGummi Font. Created by Liam Johnson in Techno Sci-fi styles with 100% Free license.

Font name: KHGummi
Categories Techno, Sci-fi
Author: Liam Johnson
License: 100% Free
Files: 14
Updated: 8/30/2022 1:00:32 PM
Note by Liam Johnson
This font is part of Kingdom Hearts Re:Collection; a free archive of art assets and custom fonts created by Televo:

In comparison to similar fonts found online, the characters in Re:Collection have been accurately recreated directly from the games where possible and have vastly improved spacing/kerning (especially when setting spacing to metric).

Numerous languages are supported including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Danish, Indonesian and many more latin-based languages. Note that while KHScala contains all known symbols, the font will contain translation inaccuracies becuase the Scalan language has not been fully deciphered.

If you decide to use these fonts publicly, giving credit is much appreciated though not necessary. Please feel free to message me anytime on Discord at Televo#9400 as I love to see how my efforts here have helped you create something awesome.

If you appreciate what I do with all your heart, consider supporting me on KoFi: Of those few who have already done so, I am tremendously thankful, regardeless of the amount.

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KHGummi Font

Tags: KHGummi, Liam Johnson, 100% Free, Techno, Sci-fi, Accents, Euro

# File name File size
1 KHData.otf 34.6KB
2 KHData.png 571.3KB
3 KHGummi.otf 30.4KB
4 khgummi.png 627.5KB
5 KHMenu-Bold.otf 28.1KB
6 KHMenu-BoldItalic.otf 27.8KB
7 KHMenu-Italic.otf 27.5KB
8 KHMenu.otf 27.4KB
9 KHMenu.png 534.1KB
10 KHScala.otf 18.6KB
11 KHScala.png 705.5KB
12 KHTitle.otf 40.3KB
13 KHTitle.png 788.9KB
14 readme.txt 1.6KB