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Preview and download Just Ducky Font. Created by Duck Reid in Fancy Cartoon styles with Free for personal use license.

Font name: Just Ducky
Categories Fancy, Cartoon
Author: Duck Reid
License: Free for personal use
Files: 4
Updated: 1/11/2012 12:00:00 AM
Note by Duck Reid
This is my font, "Just Ducky".

It's supposed to be cute, and it's a pretty funky mix of serif and sans-serif, because that is just how I roll. Use it, share if you'd like, UNDER THE CONDITIONS THAT WHERE IT IS USED AND SHARED, YOU CREDIT ME & LET ME KNOW, because this is my first 'real' font, and it took me a long, long time.

Also don't use it for evil. I'm not sure how you could use a font for evil, but if you're using it for something morally questionable, please choose another font. This font doesn't even begin to look suited for evil, anyway. Surely evil is all serifs?

Sorry if any of the punctuation marks look too skinny; I made a font that *I* like, so it's quirkier than most.
Just Ducky Font

Tags: Just Ducky, Duck Reid, Free for personal use, Fancy, Cartoon

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