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Font name: Eastman
Categories Basic, Sans serif
Author: Zetafonts
License: Free for personal use
Files: 41
Updated: 9/16/2020 6:40:39 PM
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Eastman was designed in 2020 for Zetafonts by Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli with help from Solenn Bordeau. It is a geometric sans workhorse family developed for maximum versatility both in display and text use, with a wide weight range and a solid monolinear design featuring a tall x-height that makes Eastman extremely readable on paper and on the screen.

Influenced by Bauhaus ideals and contemporary minimalism, but with a nod to the pragmatic nature 19th century grotesques, Eastman has been developed as a highly reliable tool for design problem solving, and given all the features a graphic designer needs - from a wide language coverage (thanks to over one thousand and two hundred latin, cyrillic and greek characters) to a complete set of open type features (including small capitals, positional numbers, case sensitive forms).   More...
Eastman Font

Tags: Eastman, Zetafonts, Free for personal use, Basic, Sans serif, Accents, Euro

# File name File size
1 Eastman Family (CC BY-NC)License.pdf 219KB
2 eastman.png 494.5KB
3 EastmanTrial-Black.otf 147.3KB
4 EastmanTrial-BlackItalic.otf 141.4KB
5 EastmanTrial-Bold.otf 142.4KB
6 EastmanTrial-BoldItalic.otf 137.9KB
7 EastmanTrial-Extrabold.otf 146.8KB
8 EastmanTrial-ExtraboldItalic.otf 140.1KB
9 EastmanTrial-Extralight.otf 132.7KB
10 EastmanTrial-ExtralightItalic.otf 135.3KB
11 EastmanTrial-Heavy.otf 146.6KB
12 EastmanTrial-HeavyItalic.otf 140.5KB
13 EastmanTrial-Italic.otf 136.4KB
14 EastmanTrial-Light.otf 135.9KB
15 EastmanTrial-LightItalic.otf 135.5KB
16 EastmanTrial-Medium.otf 141.6KB
17 EastmanTrial-MediumItalic.otf 138.3KB
18 EastmanTrial-Regular.otf 137.5KB
19 EastmanTrial-RegularOffset.otf 137.2KB
20 EastmanTrial-RegularOffsetItalic.otf 136.1KB
21 EastmanTrial-Thin.otf 129.1KB
22 EastmanTrial-ThinItalic.otf 133.3KB
23 Eastman_by_Zetafonts.png 513.4KB
24 .DS_Store 6KB
25 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_1.png 513.4KB
26 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_10.png 65KB
27 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_11.png 33.1KB
28 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_12.png 82.4KB
29 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_13.png 1MB
30 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_14.png 582.6KB
31 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_15.png 841.6KB
32 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_16.png 644.9KB
33 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_17.png 55.4KB
34 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_2.png 64KB
35 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_3.png 96.9KB
36 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_4.png 56.5KB
37 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_5.png 45.3KB
38 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_6.png 96.3KB
39 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_7.png 80.8KB
40 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_8.png 70.9KB
41 Eastman_by_Zetafonts_9.png 1.3MB