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Font name: Asgard Fit
Categories Basic, Sans serif
Author: Zetafonts
License: Free for personal use
Files: 27
Updated: 1/3/2022 5:22:44 AM
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Francesco Canovaro designed Asgard as a way to mix his passion for the raw energy of extra bold sans serif typography with the expressivity of high contrast and calligraphy-inspired letterforms. He built the typeface around a strong geometric sans skeleton, to make the letters feel solid and powerful while using wood-type vernacular solutions to solve density through high contrast details. The typeface name was chosen as an homage to the mythical homeland of the Norse Gods, evoking a land of fierce warriors, power and strength - but also of divine, delicate beauty.

Thanks to the help of Andrea Tartarelli and Mario de Libero the original design was extended along with the design space, expanding the number of weights and widths with a "workhorse typeface" approach, and adding also a slanted axis to experiment with italics. The result is a super-family of 9 styles of 8 weights for a total of 72 fonts, each coming with an extended set of 968 glyphs covering over 200 languages using Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts. The three variation axes (width, weight, slant) are also all accessible in a variable font version that is included with the whole family.   More...
Asgard Fit Font

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# File name File size
1 Asgard-by-zetafonts.png 420.2KB
2 Asgard-Family-CC-BY-NCLicensepdf.pdf 219KB
3 AsgardTrial-FitBold.ttf 205KB
4 AsgardTrial-FitBoldBackslant.ttf 208.6KB
5 AsgardTrial-FitBoldItalic.ttf 210.3KB
6 AsgardTrial-FitFat.ttf 208KB
7 AsgardTrial-FitFatBackslant.ttf 210.4KB
8 AsgardTrial-FitFatItalic.ttf 214.7KB
9 AsgardTrial-FitLight.ttf 157.7KB
10 AsgardTrial-FitLightBackslant.ttf 162.9KB
11 AsgardTrial-FitLightItalic.ttf 161.2KB
12 AsgardTrial-FitMedium.ttf 198.5KB
13 AsgardTrial-FitMediumBackslant.ttf 203.3KB
14 AsgardTrial-FitMediumItalic.ttf 202.8KB
15 AsgardTrial-FitRegular.ttf 173.1KB
16 AsgardTrial-FitRegularBackslant.ttf 179.6KB
17 AsgardTrial-FitRegularItalic.ttf 178.7KB
18 AsgardTrial-FitThin.ttf 151.4KB
19 AsgardTrial-FitThinBackslant.ttf 155.5KB
20 AsgardTrial-FitThinItalic.ttf 154.7KB
21 AsgardTrial-FitXbold.ttf 203.1KB
22 AsgardTrial-FitXboldBackslant.ttf 207.6KB
23 AsgardTrial-FitXboldItalic.ttf 209.9KB
24 AsgardTrial-FitXlight.ttf 157.7KB
25 AsgardTrial-FitXlightBackslant.ttf 162KB
26 AsgardTrial-FitXlightItalic.ttf 161.5KB
27 asgard_fit.png 129.4KB